GLOW is an entrepreneurial venture established in 2004 by visionary Jewelry Designer Majd Assaf who believes that every woman is a star… and every star shall GLOW….

Majd Assaf’s passion for jewelry stems from her grandfather, who pursued a hobby of making beads baskets and necklaces. He had transferred his love of making jewelry to Majd and it quickly became her favorite pastime too. Majd’s passion for designing jewelry evolved over time based on the positive response of people who were thrilled to wear her new creations, which has driven her to establish her own jewelry brand, namely “GLOW”, expanding to territories like UAE, KSA, and Lebanon.

Majd managed to put her creative ideas and vision with her marketing skills to create the GLOW brand through her original and unique pieces. She gathers her inspiration from everyday life influenced by photography, architecture, movies, music, and mainly from her endless travels around the world.  GLOW has been expanding for more than a decade and its expansion is accelerating.

She is a successful and pre-eminent creative entrepreneur, a socialite, and a leading pioneer in the international jewelry fraternity.

At GLOW, we aim to make every women stand out and feel unique and special by wearing GLOW elegant, luxurious, and fashionable jewelry pieces that reflect her individuality and lifestyle and meet her needs and desires.

Majd says of her jewelry: “My designs are addressed to women who appreciate art and creativity and to women who are ambitious and outgoing. I want women to wear GLOW jewelry that makes them feel confident and beautiful and reflects their personality and way of life.”

Mission Statement

Provide exceptional quality in each piece of jewelry we manufacture, or service we render, and to inspire the loyalty of Glow clients by being the most trusted jeweler in our markets

Key Strategies

  • To raise customer awareness of the brand GLOW, its unique designs and manufacturing and its association with quality, elegance, luxury and fashion.
  • To design creative jewelry pieces that help women make a fashion statement.
  • To ensure superior quality for all jewelry, gemstone and diamond needs.
  • To enhance the customer experience with superior customer service that will last a lifetime.
  • To create a luxury, quality jewelry brand that embraces amazing bespoke and unique jewelry pieces.
  • To see GLOW as a leading pioneer in the international jewelry fraternity.

Spectrum of products

The GLOW collection features an array of custom-made pieces, from stunning pendents to precious-stone necklaces and signature bracelets and rings, making them perfect to any occasion from engagements to weddings, birthday gifts, or simply if you want to indulge yourself.

GLOW jewelry piece is lovingly designed with colorful precious and semi-precious gemstones, rough cut diamonds, freshwater pearls, tsavorite stones, and endless other precious unique handpicked stones, making it a treasured keepsake that can be handed down through the generations. GLOW unique and stunning designer jewelry are bold statements pieces, which perfectly embody Majd’s sense of creativity, passion, and showmanship.


GLOW believes in providing unique, refined and attractive jewelry pieces for each woman to stand out and feel special. Our jewelry pieces uniquely entwines elements of art in the creative design process with scientific practices in the manufacture, ensuring that each item is produced to the highest quality and precision.

Our Clients

GLOW jewelry is designed primary for women. We concentrate our effort on women who are confident and have an outlook to life, women who are romantic and dreamy, as well as women who like to stand out and appreciate a blend of artistic finesse.

Majd says of her Clients: “Women wearing my pieces are fashion-forward and are not afraid of turning heads when walking in a room. These are the kind of women I see wearing my jewelry and who truly bring my collections to life!” “I dress them to quietly and elegantly GLOW, making sure that my jewelry never shouts in the contrary it reflects the unique personality of each woman and compliments her lifestyle”